diagnostic tool of Bioinformotherapy

VEGA test allows to indicate various irregularities and conduct the therapy:

• Incorrectly working body organs, degree of these irregularities
• Presence of infection carriers, such as bacteria, mycosis, viruses
and the effects on the individual body organs
• Presence of radioactive substances and electromagnetic irregularities
• Ph level
• Sufficiency of vitamins, hormones and microelements
• Presence of allergies and the identification
• Presence of cancerous cells, malignant and non malignant
• Presence of cysts and their location
• Presence of parasites, identification and location and the kind
• Irregularities of immune, hormonal and nervous system
• Influence of medication, food, cosmetics and jewelry
• Selection of most effective homeopathic medication, dosage indication

VEGA test is one of the most effective diagnostic method and it quickly becomes well known all around the Word.


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