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TUINA Manual Therapy
VEGA TEST - Bioinformotherapy Removes the causes not fighting the results
Hydro-colon Therapy - intestinal lavage Clean Your Body from toxins

TUINA Manual Therapy And Qigong Bio-energy Therapy

Tuina incorporates elements of physical therapy, acupressure, chiropractic and massage. The treatment concentrates on healing points of acupuncture, as well as on energy channels – meridians, communicating with all of the body organs.

Application of Tuina Manual Therapy stimulates flow of energy, removes energy blocks and enhances the work of immune system

The therapy gives remarkable results in healing back pain, joints and neck/shoulder problems.

It also helps with insomnia, stomach problems, migraines, stress and lifelessness. For children, we recommend this form of therapy to help with allergies and luck of appetite.

Additionally applied during the treatment Qigong Bio-energy Therapy rejuvenates and strengthens organism.

Therapist:  JOLANTA BARKOVSKIY – studied the Tuina Therapy with the Chinese practitioner Z. Fengjun. She also attended one of the prestigious Chinese schools, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences – ONZ in Pekin. At the Academy Hospital she practiced the Tuina Therapy with PhD Fang Cunzhong. Currently is working on her PhD at SWPS and PAN

Shoulders, elbow (series of massages is necessary): 20 minutes - 60 zł
Back problems, migraines (series of massages is necessary): 30 minutes - 90 zł
Full body: 60 minutes - 150 zł
With Qigong Bio-energy Therapy: 90 minutes - 225 zł

Bioinformotherapy is a method allowing to regenerate the membrane jonic channels of the cells in the damaged organs. That damage could have been caused by stress, toxins, environmental pollution and various clinical reasons.

VEGA-test – diagnostic tool of Bioinformotherapy

VEGA test allows to indicate various irregularities and conduct the therapy:

• Incorrectly working body organs, degree of these irregularities
• Presence of infection carriers, such as bacteria, mycosis, viruses
and the effects on the individual body organs
• Presence of radioactive substances and electromagnetic irregularities
• Ph level
• Sufficiency of vitamins, hormones and microelements
• Presence of allergies and the identification
• Presence of cancerous cells, malignant and non malignant
• Presence of cysts and their location
• Presence of parasites, identification and location and the kind
• Irregularities of immune, hormonal and nervous system
• Influence of medication, food, cosmetics and jewelry
• Selection of most effective homeopathic medication, dosage indication

VEGA test is one of the most effective diagnostic method and it quickly becomes well known all around the Word.


Basic consultation - 190 zł
Next visit: - 140 zł


Almost every modern man of our time suffers from bowel problems. An irregular eating schedule, adverse effects of stress, and poor ecology may lead to several gastrointestinal tract diseases and to the contamination of the body with harmful substances, specifically to the functional disorders of gastrointestinal organs such as small intestine and large intestine dyskenesia, billiary tract dysfunctions, meteorism, etc.

HYDRO-COLON Therapy is one of the procedures that may help you to get rid of these uncomfortable concerns.

HYDRO-COLON Therapy is one of the ancient methods of purgation of the intestines and the whole organism. Complete purgation of the organism from slag, toxins, and parasites makes for the absolute purge of the intestines, normalizes its function and recreates its micro-flora. This unique method allows improving the state of skin, losing weight, solving problems with the gastrointestinal tract, hemorrhoids, allergy, alcohol and other poisoning, as well as female and male genital organs diseases, and etc. The large intestine is irrigated by means of a special device with cleaned water given under pressure. A session of hydrotherapy takes about an hour. Before the procedure the patient gets a consultation during which a physician explains him/her the essence of the procedure, listens to the patient complaints, and considers all the indications and contra-indications. During the procedure there are no moments that may annoy the patient. The process is the most aesthetic one and doesn’t cause any discomfort neither to women nor to men.

Our clinic provides treatment based on modern device and conducted by very experienced therapist Tomasz Pizoń.

90 minut - 260 zł
60 minut - 120 zł

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