Caucasus Massage

"Removing the Irregularities by Clearing away the Cause"

Caukasus Massage is one of the ancient forms of Far East Massages. It is based on intensive pressing the acupuncture points. It rejuvenates the body and gives positive results after the first treatment.


• Clearing the energy channels - meridians
• Manual alignment of the spine
• Regulating the work of the stomach and metabolism
• Improves the efficiency of blood circulation and work of the respiratory system
• Unblocks and clears the lymphatic system
• Removes the irregularities with in the muscles activities
• Restores proper functioning of the urinary and reproductive systems
• Regulates the work of the movement apparatus
• Directly effects en energy centers, called chakras

During the massage, therapist uses elements of acupressure, foot reflexology, manual spine adjustment and Tui Na therapy.

The most important are the techniques related to the spine therapy, where the meridians are located.

Any malfunction of spine, through the nervous system effects the entire body, not only resulting in movement disorders, but also in poor functioning of body organs. Thanks to the Caukasus Massage many of clinic complaints could be eliminated by strengthening the spine with an appropriate treatment, stimulating the energy flow.

Caukasus Massage effects not only muscles and joints, but it works deeper, effecting improvement of the work of entire body and the emotional frame of mind.

BOGUMIŁA GAJEWSKA certified by Health Center - Anna Naumova´s student. Therapist of Tui Na therapy and Reflexotherapy, graduated from The International Academy of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy, student of Zhang Fengjun.
Certified Therapist of Tachyon Holistic Wellness (removing the energy blocks in the organism) – California University of Integrated Science.

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