Ayurveda Massage

"Rejuvenates the Body"

Abhyanga is an ayurvedic full body massage with warm oil; an ancient technique that rejuvenates the body and mind and promotes youthfulness. It is extremely nourishing and one of the most thorough massages you will ever experience. Abhyanga can give a deep feeling of stability and warmth. It could be performed by two technicians who work on both sides of the body in synchrony.

PAULINA SZCZEPAŃSKA - lincesed Ayurveda masseuse
KRZYSZTOF STAŃCZYK - lincesed Ayurveda masseur

Shirodhara is a deeply soothing technique where warm oil or cool yogurt water flows continuously over the forehead in a prescribed pattern. It is traditionally used to bring profound relaxation to the mind and body and soothe the emotions. It is one of the most effective treatments for reducing stress and nervous tension. It’s called the technique of bliss.

Marma points are important pressure points on the body, much like those of traditional Chinese acupuncture. Acupuncture, in fact, is derived from the more ancient Marma, when this technique moved out of India. A marma is defined as an anatomical site where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet. As the technique of massage was developed, these points where used for stimulating internal organs and systems of the body. It is said that the marma points on the body are where consciousness and matter come together. There are 107 marma points used therapeutically.

Ayurveda facial treatments
Ayurveda facial treatments with oil have been known since ancient times. The power of the Ayurvedic Facial Massage can be experienced in its 3 main components: Mukhabhyanga, Marmabhyanga and Shiroabhyanga. This combination makes the Ayurvedic Facial massage extremely potent in cleansing and rejuvenation the skin and body and releasing the symptoms of stress. It is deeply nourishing and strengthens the entire body.

KRZYSZTOF STAŃCZYK – Ayurvedic certified masseur
PAULINA SZCZEPAŃSKA  - Ayurvedic certified masseuse

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